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In 2020/2021, Annaliese was awarded a 'Sense of Place' grant from the Shoalhaven Arts Board. The working title of 'HEARTHSTONE' stuck and the music started to evolve. Annaliese was inspired by the beautiful Bioluminescence in Jervis Bay, the Shoalhaven River, living in regional Australia during Covid19 isolation, the irresistible draw of our beaches and landscapes and the devastation of the 2019/2020 Currowan bushfires. The project came together with the help of tremendous individuals - Working in the Sounds Delicious music studio with musical prodigy Paul Greene, tripping through bush and plunging into various bodies of water with photographer Shelley Rogers, crowding the laptop screen with graphic designer Merridy Ison, and countless phone calls with Bronwyn Coulston from the Shoalhaven Arts Board navigating the ebb and flow of Covid19 lockdowns and restrictions. 

Hearthstone is a time capsule of place and time - the Shoalhaven region during 2020-2021.